Two Airport CIOs Are Cutting Turbulence – on the Ground


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Technology change is tough in any industry. But consider the challenges in one of today’s most complex ecosystems: a major airport.

Airlines, vendors, retailers, and, especially, tens of millions of passengers all demand a seamless experience. And with dozens of 200-ton jets taking off and landing every hour, safety, and security are a life-and-death matter.




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In this podcast, Connected Futures senior writer Kevin Delaney speaks with two airport technology leaders who are changing their organizations in innovative ways: Lynette DuJohn, chief digital officer of Vancouver International Airport; and Frederick McDowell, chief technology officer for the Houston Airport System.



Airport CIOs Creating a Non-Stop Passenger Experience

Airport CIOs Creating a Non-Stop Passenger Experience

At major airports, digital technologies cut turbulence for airlines, retailers, and especially, travelers.

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