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Leaders Need to be Rewired to Win with Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is now part of the boardroom lexicon. This series of columns by Ade McCormack is designed to provide leaders with insights on how the world is changing and how they need to respond.

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Embrace Change to Reap the Benefits of Digital Disruption

According to Gartner, only 30% of digital transformations will succeed. Becoming a digital organization is not an easy journey. The real victors will be those organizations that disrupt their future – for good.

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From iPads to Iron Pipes, Kiewit's Digital Strategy Delivers Savings

Kiewit is applying digital business principles to transform the way it works, delivering insight on its operations that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

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Coming Soon to a Building Near You: Wireless Location and Tracking

In-building location and tracking is more than just convenient – it’s a vital, vibrant, exciting complement to in-building wireless communications.

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Changing Role of the CIO

Today’s IT Talent Crisis Means Business

Martha Heller states that CIOs are looking for "people with a blended skill set" of technology and business acumen.

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Changing Role of the CIO

How to Groom Talent for Business Success

Today’s talent imperative is less about recruiting and more about internally grooming blended biz-tech professionals.

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Improve Efficiency and Work Smarter by Lighting up Dark Assets

When you discover new ways to harness connections among people, processes, and things, you can unlock incredible value for your business.

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IT Convergence

Convergence: The New Opportunity for CIOs

Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research says "CIOs need to open their minds and think differently."

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Big Data

The Top 7 Reasons You Need to Pay Attention to Data

Industry thought leaders share why you need to consider data for digital transformation

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In-Store Customer Experience Nirvana

Experts discuss what it takes for customers (and retailers) to experience ‘the Last Checkout Line.’

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Business Transformation

CIOs Gather to Discuss Disruption, Digital Transformation, Security and Strategy

Cisco recently held its annual CIO Summit, and here’s a readout from the three-day event

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Protect Your Organization Against Malvertising

It’s Not an Impossible Threat to Beat

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