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Unleashing IT: Big Data Edition


Move big data beyond the lab and into the hands of business to create competitive advantages, new revenue streams, and more. Unleashing IT: Big Data Edition

tags: Big Data, Disruption & Transformation, Digital Strategy

IBM and Cisco Tap Into the Power of IBM Watson and Cisco Spark to Transform the Way People Work


They will partner to combine the market-leading strengths of each company to transform how knowledge-workers collaborate and work.

tags: Future of Work, Digital Strategy, Collaboration

Business Leaders Must Reimagine the Workforce in the Digital Age


By neglecting digital workforce transformation, companies are failing to build the capabilities that they will need to succeed in an era of digital disruption according to a new report.

tags: The Boardroom, Future of Work, Digital Strategy

Why CFOs should spend more on cybersecurity

by Mary Ann Azevedo

There’s no question that CFOs are increasing spending on cybersecurity. While many are doing so in an effort to protect against threats, others also see cybersecurity investment as an opportunity to innovate.

tags: The Boardroom, Security, Digital Strategy

How Digital Solutions Can Change the Troubling Economics of Healthcare

by Michael Riegel - 3/23/2016

Healthcare is a necessity. But managing costs is an unsettling challenge that is expected to continue to grow. The good news? Digital solutions can help make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

tags: Healthcare, Disruption & Transformation, Digital Strategy, Budget, Collaboration

The Role of IT in Digital Transformation: Access to Data is Key

by David Besemer - 3/21/2016

The role of IT in digital transformation is to increase its span of influence beyond technology management to strategic partner. IT needs to provide access to information and collaboration among people, systems and processes.

tags: Digital Strategy, Big Data

The Evolution of Mobility

March 2016

With digitization taking hold, mobility is changing many aspects of everyday life around the globe.

tags: Mobility, Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation, Future of Work, Collaboration

Cisco at Mobile World Congress 2016: Transformation through Innovation


Cisco Showcases Expanded Technology Portfolio Featuring Powerful Virtualization and Automation Tools for Service Providers to Take Advantage of the Digitization Opportunity.

tags: Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

What will happen to our digital heritage?

by Jason Deign - 1/4/2016

The world’s cultural treasures are being stored digitally for generations to come. But making sure these records stay intact is no easy task.

tags: Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation, Big Data

From self-serving to self-improvement: How digital technologies are making us better citizens

by Sue Tabbitt - 12/21/2015

Digital empowerment isn’t just about letting people complete tasks conveniently. New mobile innovation boosts community engagement and personal growth.

tags: Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

Satellite tracking gives scientists a new view of wildlife

by Matt Bokor - December 2015

GPS data shows migration routes, foraging habits and more.

tags: Analytics, Mobility, IoE

Value Vampires and Vacancies in the "Digital Vortex"


Digital disruption will displace four out of the top 10 incumbents across industries, with an average time to “substantial disruption” of just three years, according to the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

tags: Disruption & Transformation

Cisco's country digitization plans take nations on the path to prosperity

by Rahaf Harfoush - 10/28/2015

Addressing digitization efforts strengthen economic, social, and political benefits.

tags: Digital Strategy, Globalization

Dizzying change: technology-enabled newcomers dominate over industry stalwarts


Find out how scrappy startups are able to displace traditional companies with the digital transformation of businesses

tags: Disruption & Transformation, Digital Strategy, IoE

FOCUS: Healthcare Goes Digital

September 2015

The Internet of Everything revolutionizes the healthcare industry

tags: IoE, Agility & Speed, Disruption & Transformation, Mobility, Globalization

Tech Innovation With Security at Heart

by Graham Welch - 8/25/2015

Tech companies are eager to innovate to stay ahead of their competitors and anticipate their customers' needs. However, just as fast as they come up with new software, apps and gadgets, hackers come along to mine their efforts and find a way to take advantage of them for malicious purposes.

tags: Security

The future of shopping: stores cater to new consumer demands


See how retailers are revamping their industry to reach connected shoppers.

tags: IoE, Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation, Security, Mobility, Analytics

How CIOs can manage unauthorized IT lurking in the shadows

by Justine Brown - 8/25/15

Earlier this month, Cisco announced the results of a new study on shadow IT — software or apps downloaded and used inside an organization without explicit organizational approval.

tags: Cloud, Security

FOCUS: Digital Learning

August 2015

Students get connected into knowledge

tags: Disruption & Transformation, IoE

Leveraging the Internet of Everything for Customers

by Paul Jameson - 4/13/2015

Financial institutions need to leverage Internet-of-Everything technology to bridge the gap between customer expectation and what banks can actually deliver.

tags: Disruption & Transformation, IoE, Analytics, Mobility

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

August 2015

The report draws on a global survey of 491 senior executives and 2,403 consumers as well as desk research and in-depth interviews with seven senior executives, consultants and experts.

tags: Digital Strategy, Analytics, Mobility

Everything is Data Now

by Rachel Morrissey

As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, we are producing vast amounts of data. Organizing that data, and knowing how to use it to better serve customers, ride the disruption and continue to innovate.

tags: IoE, Analytics

Inside the Dubious-Sounding "Internet of Food"

by Neal Ungerleider - 7/14/2015

Big food companies believe sensors can make our food safer, cheaper, and easier to ship. But do people want them?

tags: IoE, Analytics

Meet the digital classroom of the future


Forget textbooks, pencils and paper. Today’s schools are high tech, customized and changing fast.

tags: IoE, Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

Why Cybersecurity Leadership Must Start at the Top

by John Chambers and John Stewart - 7/13/15

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that companies should no longer ask if they are going to be hacked and instead when.

tags: The Boardroom, Security, Cyberthreats

Shouldn’t digital strategy be a board-level concern?

by Heather Clancy - 7/7/2015

Many business leaders welcome this “sign of progress.” Far fewer are doing anything about it, according to a new study.

tags: Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

Cities get smart: the digital future of the public sector

July 1, 2015

Discover how cities are embracing innovation and improving the lives of citizens.

tags: IoE, Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

SuperSmart in The Case of the Smartest Cities

June 2015

Today, a smart city can sense its own rhythm and pulse in real time, all the time.

tags: IoE, Analytics, Mobility, Disruption & Transformation, Operational Efficiency

FOCUS: Innovation in the Digital Age

June 2015, Issue 23

tags: IoE, Future of Work, Security

The Marathon Sprint to Go Digital: Are You Ready?

by John Chambers - 6/5/2015

Every market and every industry is moving from the Information Age to the digital age, and the pace of change is happening faster than ever before.

tags: Disruption & Transformation, IoE, The Boardroom, Talent

Digital banks: The next wave of the internet begins now


Find out How the Digital Future is Transforming financial Services

tags: IoE, Digital Strategy, Disruption & Transformation

Unleashing IT: Cloud Edition

May 2015 Volume 4 Issue 3

tags: Cloud, Collaboration, IoE, Analytics

Chief Disruption Officer: The New Role

by Laurence Cruz - 5/14/2015

tags: IoT, Big Data, Business Transformation, Changing Role of the CIO

Network Trailblazer: Elon Musk

by Kirsten Chiala - 5/7/2015

tags: IoE, Transportation, Business Transformation

Focus: Digital Disruption

May 2015, Issue 22

tags: IoE, IoT, Business Transformation

CEOs Must Commit to Digital Now

by Christy Pettey - 4/29/2015

tags: IoT, Business Transformation

Cisco’s CEO on Staying Ahead of Technology Shifts

by John Chambers - 4/15/2015

tags: IoE, Business Transformation

Healthcare Organizations Need Stronger Security in the Digital World

by Christy Pettey - 4/14/2015

tags: Security, Healthcare

Think About Digital Ethics Within Continually Evolving Boundaries

by Frank Buytendijk - 4/1/2015

tags: Business Transformation

5 Things To Do When You Lead A Digital Transformation

By Isaac Sacolick - 3/9/2015

tags: Business Transformation, Changing Role of the CIO

Tesla's Not as Disruptive as You Might Think

By Harvard Business Review - May 2015

tags: Business Transformation

Welcome to the Connected Car Era

By Mary Gorges - 3/23/2015

tags: IoT, Transportation

Transportation Technology Eases the Commute

By Sue Tabbitt - 3/18/2015

tags: IoT, Mobility, Public Sector, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

An Agile Approach to Finding Value in Dark Data

By Isaac Sacolick

tags: Big Data, IoE, Business Transformation

Cisco CEO: Get Ready for New Digital World

By Dan Jones - 3/3/2015

tags: Public Sector, Smart & Connected Cities, Business Transformation

The Safer, Faster, More Efficient Commute of the Future

By Mary Beth Griggs - 2/26/2015

tags: IoE, Transportation, Public Sector, Smart & Connected Cities

Del Papa Distributing drinks a toast to new mobile, IoT efficiencies

By David Weldon - 2/20/2015

tags: Mobility, IoT, Manufacturing

How Mobile Apps are Helping the Public Sector

By Jason Deign - 2/2/2015

tags: Mobility, IoE, Public Sector, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

The Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2015

By Vala Afshar - 1/16/2015

tags: Changing Role of the CIO

How Wi-Fi is Changing the Way We Work

By Matt MacPherson - 2/16/2015

tags: Mobility, Future of Work, BYOT

The Growing Reach of Beacons: Are Users Ready?

By Kerry Doyle - 2/16/2015

tags: Mobility, IoE, Transportation, Healthcare, Sports & Entertainment, Connected Mobile Experiences

Free Wi-Fi helps stores cater to customer needs

By Kristi Essick - 2/16/2015

tags: Mobility, Big Data, Retail, Edge Intelligence

John Chambers on Digital Disruptions Ahead

By Scott Thurm – 2/9/2015

tags: Big Data, Business Transformation, Changing Role of the CIO, Edge Intelligence

The Last Traffic Jam Made Possible By Technology

By Doug Newcomb - 1/29/2015

tags: IoE, Public Sector, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

The Hyper Relevant Retailer: From Dark Assets to Dynamic Processes

By Joseph Bradley – 1/20/2015

tags: IoE, Retail, Business Transformation

The New Digital Context

By John Chambers, Liu Jiren, Max Levchin, Pierre Nanterme, Robert Smith – 1/28/2015

tags: IoE, Big Data, Security, Business Transformation, IT Convergence, Smart & Connected Cities

The Internet of Everything Goes to School

By Anne Field – 1/28/2015

tags: IoE, Big Data, Education, IT Convergence

What does the Internet of Everything mean for security?

By John Chambers – 1/21/2015

tags: Security, IoT, IoE

The Industrialization of Hacking

By Martin Roesch – 1/20/2015

tags: Security

Adding Security to the Internet of Everything

By Jason Deign – 7/24/2014

tags: Security, IoT, IoE

Wearables being used by businesses to save money and streamline operations

By Anne Field – 12/02/2014

tags: IoE, IoT, Mobility, Big Data, Manufacturing, Business Transformation, Edge Intelligence

World's Biggest ID Scheme Rollout

By Laurence Cruz – 11/24/14

tags: Fast IT, Big Data, Public Sector

How Sensors are Taking Smart Toys into the 21st Century

By Melissa Jun Rowley – 12/01/2014

tags: IoT, Mobility

The Future of Cities

By John Chambers and Wim Elfrink – 10/31/2014

tags: IoE, Big Data, Public Sector, Smart & Connected Cities

Implementing World Class IT Strategy

By Peter High – 10/28/2014

tags: IoE, Big Data, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Sector, Business Transformation, Smart & Connected Cities, IT Convergence

How the Internet of Things Is Changing the Manufacturing Playing Field

By Chet Namboodri – 7/17/2014

tags: IoT, IoE, Big Data, Manufacturing, Business Transformation

Mobility’s Place in the Internet of Things

By Mala Anand – 7/17/2014

tags: IoE, IoT, Mobility, Business Transformation

Cisco CEO: Why the future of the Internet is already here

By John Chambers, Wim Elfrink @FortuneMagazine – 7/16/2014

tags: IoE, Big Data, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Sector, Business Transformation, Smart & Connected Cities, IT Convergence

High-Tech Recycling with The Internet of Everything

By Amy Cortese – 7/15/2014

A look at how businesses are leveraging data from food waste with new systems that meet at the intersection of bio-tech and high-tech.

tags: IoE, Big Data, Retail, Energy & Materials, Business Transformation

Fiber Networks: A Catalyst for Next-Generation Apps and Services?

By Laurence Cruz – 7/14/2014

Networks of the future may usher in bandwidth-intensive apps that can boost innovation, entrepreneurship and quality of life.

tags: Big Data, Mobility, Public Sector, Business Transformation, Smart & Connected Cities

Big Data Needs Programmable Infrastructure, and Vice Versa

By Minda Zetlin – 7/11/2014

tags: IoE, Big Data, Cloud, , IT Convergence

Survey Says: Fast IT is a Game-Changer

By Jim Grubb – 7/10/2014

tags: Fast IT, IoE, IT Convergence

The Converging IT Landscape

By Carlos Dominguez – 7/10/2014

tags: IoE, Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, IT Convergence, Business Transformation

The Internet of Everything Meets Water

By Anne Field – 7/9/2014

See how IoE technology is making waterways safer.

tags: IoE, Big Data, Public Sector, Business Transformation, Smart & Connected Cities

Venture Capital Flocks to the ‘Quantified Self'

By Anne Field – 7/3/2014

More VC firms invest in startups selling devices for tracking health and wellness.

tags: IoT, Big Data, Mobility, Healthcare, Connected Mobile Experiences

How Hubs Succeed in Fostering Innovation

By Melissa Jun Rowley – 6/11/2014

Innovation hubs are all the rage as policy makers look to boost local economies and employment. But it takes a special environment to really foster innovation.


What's Next In Mobile Innovation?

By Jason Deign – 6/23/2014

Innovation hubs are all the rage as policy makers look to boost local economies and employment. But it takes a special environment to really foster innovation.

tags: Mobility, Business Transformation

Cloud Set to Burst in India

By Laurence Cruz – 6/16/2014

With its low barriers to entry and ability to handle large numbers of customers, cloud computing is enticing many of the country's 50 million startups and small businesses.

tags: Cloud, Mobility

Mobility & The Energy Sector: Radicalizing Field Service

By Kerry Doyle – 6/9/2014

As we enter the 2014 hurricane season, electric utilities are modernizing the electric grid to meet the demands of an increasingly digital society. In the same way, mobile solutions are helping field service personnel respond to catastrophic storm events in ways that were unforeseen a few short years ago.

tags: Mobility, Energy & Materials, Business Transformation, Future of Work

Cloud helps IT innovate and move businesses forward

By Minda Zetlin – 5/30/2014

tags: Cloud, Business Transformation

The Internet of Everything Makes Smart Bridges Even Smarter

By Anne Field – 4/30/2014

Using IoE technology, researchers experiment with ways to monitor, detect and repair bridge defects

tags: IoE, Big Data, Public Sector, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

Home Security and The Internet of Everything

By Jason Deign – 4/22/2014

The rise of mobile network alarm systems is making home security easier and better than ever before.

tags: IoE, Mobility, Security, Business Transformation, Smart & Connected Cities

How Big Data is Sparking Social Change

By Melissa Jun Rowley – 4/9/2014

A look at how activists are harnessing mobile technology and big data to fight poverty and the food crisis.

tags: Big Data, Public Sector, Business Transformation

Your Smartphone Takes Its Own Vacation

By Mary Gorges – 1/1/2014

In Alaska, you may go ‘off the grid' but can still phone home.

tags: Mobility, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

How the Internet of Things is Keeping Trains on Track

By Jason Deign – 1/1/2014

Train accidents are still a cause for concern in the rail industry, but now sensor technologies are helping make things safer.

tags: IoE, IoT, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

London Underground Turns to Internet of Things to Increase Efficiency

By Laurence Cruz – 1/1/2014

Data from sensors in the aging transport system could boost operational efficiency by 30 percent over three years.

tags: IoT, Cloud, Mobility, Transportation, Smart & Connected Cities

How a Hotel Chain Led Green Buildings in India

By Prasanto Kumar Roy – 1/1/2014

This energy-starved nation has the largest number of LEED projects outside North America. Here's how ITC Hotels helped make that happen.

tags: Real Estate, Energy & Materials, Smart & Connected Cities, Business Transformation