Fast Innovation and the Slow Waiter


See what happens when innovative IT leaders are confronted with a slow waiter.

In this humorous video series, CIOs from the world’s fastest innovators try to enjoy a meal, but the industry’s slowest waiter keeps interrupting their dining experience as he tries to understand how CIOs are using technology to stay ahead of the marketplace.

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A Sensor in a Beer CanA Sensor in a Beer Can
Steve Holtsclaw
VP of IT, Del Papa Distributing
Trust, Verification, and Pork ChopsTrust, Verification, and Pork Chops
Devon Brian
Global Technical Security Services, ADP
VideoKeeping Fans Fanatical
Russ Trainor
Vice President of Information Technology, Denver Broncos
Customer Analytics and the Perfect BeerCustomer Analytics and the Perfect Beer
Marina Bellini
CIO, Grupo Modelo
Getting Customers to Return. With a PenGetting Customers to Return. With a Pen
David Thompson
CIO, Western Union
Strategic IT and Dinner RollsStrategic IT and Dinner Rolls
Barry Libenson
CIO, Safeway

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